CSSRA - Sunday Night Banquet

Every year, on the Sunday night of the CSSRA’s we gather in the hotel ballroom for a end of year banquet to reminisce about the season and thank those that helped get us through the long season. Every year each of the four programs select a representative to speak on behalf of their team. After the speeches are over, parents, students and coaches make their way to the bowling alley and spend two hours bowling and having a great time. This year, the bus was leaving at 4:45 am for Toronto to catch the 9:00 am flight direct to Victoria.

Here are the four speeches from this year.


Captain of the Girls Club – Gwyneth Z

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First off, I just wanted to say how proud I am of all of you for making it where we are today. We started this year with high hopes and some demanding goals, and as time passed we began to realize just how much was required to attain our achievements. Not once, however, did I see any of you stop and question if it was worth it—despite the lack of sleep; the scarce amounts of free time, and the struggles of falling asleep during second block after every morning row. We missed weekends, red Saturdays, and midterms, all because we were willing to go that extra mile, because we knew that when we took off out of that start gate in our finals this weekend, we would be ready to fight to the death for a spot on the podium. Today, we went out there and we gave it everything we had, from start to finish, and by doing so we showed every single crew why Brentwood deserves to be one of the top high school crews in Canada.  I had the opportunity of rowing in both the lightweight eight and the senior eight this season, and was thus able to experience rowing with our entire Senior Girls’ program as we fought for every inch. Bronze, silver, or gold, I think it’s safe to say that each of our medals tell a story—because I know that when we call that Brentwood 20, that’s what happiness feels like—it hurts like hell—but it’s where we find our strength, and it’s where we find our place on the podium.


As rowing captain, I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to represent a senior girls’ program that is as strong and successful as this one. And as I look back, I know I won’t forget these moments—from binge eating in Allard, to our 10 for Tim at Windermere, to the video of the quad’s GoPro falling off at the start of heats. And last, but certainly not least, lest we forget Sydney’s magnificent streak of catching three crabs in semifinals and still managing to have a successful race. Congratulations to all of the crews today, and an especially huge shout out to the junior girls for slaying it today against all odds.


Mr. Carr, Mr. Carr Sr., Mr. Beattie, Mr. Wood, and Warren—thank you for making this trip possible. Thank you to Mr. Patel and Mr. Gage for coming out to the final result of our hard work. Finally, thank you Mrs. Sage for being the glue to this team, the ultimate regatta mom, and the most dedicated coach I have ever met, and is willing to do everything in her power to set us up for the best race possible.



Elliot R – Captain of the Boys Club


Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.17.38 PMSo. when the 11 of us senior boys showed up infront of the boathouse 10 months ago, well…. excluding tom, there was mostly awkward conversations about how we let ourselves go over the summer, but also some thoughts about how it was going to be a good year. Throughout the year there was always that constant thought sitting in the back of our minds about saint Catherine’s. There were the Morning workouts where after the work was done came a cheesy line like “gold medals are awarded in the summer but earned in the winter”  or really whatever else was posted on the erg room wall. The year raced by through local and a few international regattas with memorable events and respectable placements.  When the day finally came for us to hop on the plane most of us couldn’t really believe that it was already time for nationals. And now merely a week later it’s all over.  As many of you may know there wasn’t necessarily gold around our necks at the end of the day, but certainly performances to be proud of. To the senior guys you did an awesome job and represented the school and yourselves phenomenally. Thank you to all the friends and family who lost there voices over this weekend. Finally to the coaches thanks for putting up with us and turning that small group of guys back in September into a crew that I’m proud to be a part of.


Seo Y – Junior Girls representative

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Firstly I would like to thank Mr.Wood and Mr. Vermegan for coaching our little rowdy junior girls. Mr.Vermegan’s long, over rate practices and Mr.Wood’s funky little drills during practice defiantly paid off. We would like to give a huge thanks to Mrs.Sage for keeping the girls program organized and for controlling the rambunctious junior boys. We started off uncoordinated and undeveloped but with the help from all coaches made it possible for us to come to CSSRA’s.

Personally I am so proud of every single junior girl. Even though we often looked rough and challenged during practice some how every race we managed to come together as one. We finished off strong placing gold for our four and bronze for our 8 and I am immensely proud of how we ended the year and cant wait to see how we improve next year. I would also like to extend our thanks to warren on behave of all the junior girls for fixing all the things we brake. So once again, thank you for everyone that had helped us during this crazy, memory filled experience & a big shout out to my girls! It’s been great getting to know you all, love you guys❤️❤️


Lion T – Junior Boys Representative

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Boys, Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mrs. Sage, The Junior Boys had a very eventful season this year. On our way to earn two National Championships and one Bronze for Brentwood, we faced a few obstacles. Oliver and Mason jumped in and did a terrific job at replacing a guy about twice their size. Through all this trouble, we always had the unlimited support of Mr. Beatty, Mr. Carr senior and junior. We, Little Derek Anderson up in the bow, who always had a question or seventeen for us, and who got probably the best Birthday present ever, Daniel Lethin, who always was a little grumpy, Oliver Wilson, who was thrown into the eight, who put up an incredible fight during the race, Mason Shadlock, who helped pull the 4+ down the course, and now has national medals, not only in wake boarding but also rowing, Cam Wilmer, who managed to overcome his “focal” issues and kept his head in the boat for a whole 2000 meters, Max Veraszto, who only started rowing five months ago, but quickly became the fastest Junior Boy, Peter Lancashire, who sometimes had a hard time focusing on just rowing and not other things, like studying for example, but eventually got his act together, Ayden Assaly, who took a casual break from coxing for three months, only to come back and prove himself as better than we ever wished for, And Myself, We all would like to thank all our coaches, of who we had five over the course of the year: Coach Stani, who unfortunately left early in the year, Mrs Amiel, who took a timeout to be with the second most important people in her life after us Junior Boys, Mr. Amiel and her baby boy Gavin,

Mr. Beatty, who joined us from Ridley and helped us beat his old school in the quad, Mr. Carr Junior, who believed in us when we were down and always found the right words to motivate us, and Mr. Carr Senior, more well known as the Admiral, who always had an eye for even the smallest technical mistake, and who thankfully is feeling a little better today. We would like to thank all of you coaches, and all of you parents, some of who are here today from as far as Austria, for your continuous support that made it possible for us Junior Boys, of all people, to win three medals and the 98th, and more importantly, the 100th National Championship for Brentwood. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Patel, who now is very happy he switched to Brentwood, and to Mrs. Sage who organized this whole trip. The second to last thank you, I’m almost done, goes to Warren, the best boatman in the country, who drove our boats across the whole continent, and to Matt, who assisted Warren in doing that.

My very last thank you, however, goes out to my crew, who made this year incredible and who went through all this trouble and pain with me to come out as one of the most successful Junior Boys Crews since 2009.





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