We Found the Water!!

It was a great day today on many fronts. First – Everyone got a chance to get out on the water and row on the Championship course. Every combination, all 16 of them, battled the elements of a breezy wind as they all learned how to row on a fully buoyed course.

With the winds picking up, we decided to shift the second rows to earlier in the day, so as to get the better water. This was a good decision as the top half of the course was un-rowable.

After lunch and a trip to Regatta Sport, the students had their first full study session in the hallways and rooms. Some of the senior students have tests tomorrow afternoon, which they will take in the bowling alley.

After studying, we all hopped into the five vans and convoyed down to Niagara Falls for the annual team photo in front of the falls and then dinner at Mick and Angelo’s. Once back at the hotel, brief meetings were followed by all the students heading off to bed early to get ready for the final day of preparation before starting the regatta on Friday morning at 9:00 am with our Junior Boys 4+ taking the stage in the first race of the regatta!

All the results and schedules can be found at http://www.cssra.org/

More tomorrow –

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